Young Pars News - 30 October 2010

(Entry for Young Pars page of Match Programme v Stirling Albion)

Hi Young Pars

Hope you all enjoyed your school holidays and managed to do lots of exciting and interesting things. We saw a fantastic game here at East End Park a couple of weeks ago to get the holidays off to a good start. It would be great to see the same again before going back to school, wouldn’t it!

Away game

We had planned to take a bus of Young Pars and helpers
to the

game last weekend but this had to be cancelled when

went into administration.� We have
enjoyed exchange visits with

for a number of years now whenever we have been in the same division and we’d
like to send our best wishes to their fans at this difficult time. �

Birthday board

Happy Birthday to the following Young Pars who
celebrated their birthdays in October.

Cameron Canning,
Adam Ainslie,


Brown, Rhys Healy, Euan Gallagher, Daniel
Bald and Scott Barr.

Hope you all enjoyed your special day!


we’d like to share some thoughts of one of our Young Pars members, who was
also a ball girl, who left us at the end of last season after many years.

start with my dad’s favourite aspect of me being a Young Par – the away
days.� He would get a week free of my
nagging him to take me to the game, but I also loved them.�
The bus banter had me in creases.� My
favourite Young Pars event had to be the bowling which, even at 16, I still
looked forward to.� The Club nights
and training days also contributed to my favourite thing about being in the
Young Pars – meeting the players.� I’ve
met childhood heroes including Bullen, Crawford and Brewster.�
Also big names in international football – McGregor, Van der Saar,
Keane, Larsson and even Rooney.� Many
of these players I met through my fun filled seasons as a ball girl.�
Hail, rain, wind, snow or sometimes sun, I enjoyed every moment.�
I just thought I’d thank you for some of the many great memories being
in the Young Pars have given me.”

you can see, being a member of the Young Pars means having lots of laughs and
enjoyment during our various activities and it’s great to know what it means
to our members past and present.

you are a young Pars fan and like the sound of what we do, you can visit the
Young Pars website or contact any committee member on the numbers below to find
out more.� We look forward to hearing
from you!

How to contact us

If you would like to find out more about the Young Pars
or how to join simply visit our website at
and you will find lots of information.� Or
why not send us an email to
if you want to know more or contact us by phone on the following numbers -
Christine (01383 822012), Jean (01383 731409) or Helen (01383 735358)