Club Night - Tuesday 5 October 2010

A Club night for Young Pars members aged 7 and over was held in the Kingdom Suite on Tuesday 5th October from 7.00pm - 8.30pm.

Some of our older members enjoyed fun
and games at our Club night in The Gallery.Â
This took the form of a quiz and activity evening.Â
There were three teams, each team being captained by a player.Â
In the quiz rounds they had to answer questions on a variety of topics
which included Pars facts, international football, nicknames and naming sports
venues. In one round they had to try
and identify the players from distorted photos.Â
This proved to be quite difficult with one of the players failing to
recognise himself! Each quiz round
was followed by an activity and the players happily led their team from the
front! Unfortunately we ran out of
time before the skipping round. We
had been looking forward to that one!

Many thanks to Joe Cardle, Callum
Woods and Kyle Allison for being such good sports on the night.Â
Joe Cardle’s team won with a score of 41, just ahead of the runners up
by 2 points! Congratulations to Joe
and his team of   Young Pars
members, Jamie and Ewan Divertie, Aidan Smith, Kendal Forbes and Callum Wilson.Â